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Here is a sample code how to funzionajo in an open Word document, using the Word Automation server. With that, you can export datasets to various XML formats, including a Microsoft Access-compatible format and a Microsoft Excel-compatible format.

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In cone Excel format, multiline text fields are not supported at the moment: Lazarus provides a visual component for this: Another way traider optision automate repetitive funziomano with spreadsheets is to use the FPSpreadsheet library. It can read and write spreadsheets in several formats and it come funzionano l azioni binarie require having any external application installed on the machine.

Keep in mind that this method starts Excel in the background, which opens the file and works with it like a real user. If you want to make some changes and you want them to write back into the Excel, funzionnao you can use:.

The component is available here: Since Automation is not yet available, but COM funzionano l azioni binarie come available, the Excel interface component provides a set of Lazarus classes encapsulating calls to the Excel COM interface the one below the Automation. It hides most of the drudgery of working with low-level code.

Be careful, this is a work-in-progress. Use it at your own risk.

Select Personal Introductions

You can copy HTML to the clipboard which is understood coome many applications. This way you can copy formatted text. For those applications that only understand text put plain text too.

Microsoft Office applications require HTML to be pasted onto the clipboard in a more complex format than described here. In a recent totally un-scientific analysis, a couple of friends and I found that sending out GOTV emails to our personal lists was by far the most efficient and effective use binaeie our time.

Come funzionano l azioni binarie election in question was the Sept 14 New York primary. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the response. Six people — Laurie, Bob, Patty, Danika, Julia and Matt — individually emailed me to say that they had voted for Schneiderman because of my email.

Sybase iq show options

Patty also told me she forwarded it to her entire New York list. Not a single person complained. She got 16 responses saying that they had voted on her recommendation.

Her email was also forwarded to a high-profile magazine editor, come funzionano l azioni binarie blogged and tweeted it. Between the three of us, our emails reached New Yorkers and generated 27 votes or at least, people who reported voting because of it.

I earned six votes. He earned five votes. She earned 16 votes. As someone who has run countless phone funzionao and canvass efforts, these numbers strike me as surprisingly efficient.

Hello, World!

When compared to the tactic of sending volunteers door to door, or phone banking, or lit dropping, the personal endorsement email seems like a totally viable tactic. They certainly are, and they should be used as part of a holistic GOTV strategy.

In short, campaign managers should ask every volunteer willing to phone bank or knock doors also to send a personal email endorsement to their lists. And the campaigns should provide volunteers with support to make it work.

Of course, I fully admit that funsionano un-scientific analysis could be inaccurate. Self-reporting vote counts are never reliable. My friends may have reported to me that I swung their vote, even if they would have voted for Schneiderman anyway.

Other friends might have voted on my suggestion but not thanked me I never asked for a report from anyone. My best guess is that these corrupting factors even each other out, and thus I did generate six ish come funzionano l azioni binarie for Schneiderman.

By the way I just read your post and you can add me to your response rate. Your email prompted me to make it to the polls 3 mins before closing literally So, under what circumstances will this tactic work?

This tactic is probably best in a statewide, low profile campaign. Funziknano volunteers do not have social networks confined to one State Senate or Assembly district, or even one U. Not every person will have the same ability to reach out to a like-minded social network and activate them.

Elana, Andrew and myself are all professional political or social change activists who are involved in our communities. We have more email addresses of like-minded zzioni than the average Joe — and more willingness to contact them.

But, so will most campaign volunteers. They, too, tend to surround themselves with like-minded political friends and acquaintances, and they usually have enough commitment to contact those folks with a low-pressure email.

Navigating come funzionano l azioni binarie programs may be difficult for less tech-savvy volunteers. Meaning, volunteers must send these emails, not the campaign. The only thing worth trying is personal emails, authored by real live volunteers, sent out authentically to their social networks.

Variations on this tactic have been used for centuries, of course. A friend-to-friend endorsement is often seen as the most valuable coin in politics.

Whether it is or not is debatable — at least one piece of research suggests it is not. Nevertheless, many come funzionano l azioni binarie and organizations have systematized this kind of contact into formal programs.

And the geeks at the Democratic Party are building a ballot funzionabo tool that looks more like a social media platform.

Functional Dry Needling

My suggestion is much simpler than all of that. Just plain old email, to plain old friends and acquaintances. So, campaign managers, next time come funzionano l azioni binarie volunteers are standing around waiting for the canvass to start, or hanging around after the phone banks have closed, plop them down in front of a computer and let them send emails! Politics controls far too much of my emotional life.

How did I get so addicted to this emotional rollercoaster? Come funzionano l azioni binarie much of the last decade, I wallowed in the political hangover of the Bush years.

The progressive resurgence infollowed closely funzionani the Obama campaign inlifted me back to incredible highs. Since then, the post-Obama malaise left me and so many others dispirited again.

You could have mistaken me for an on-again-off-again junkie — up, down, up, down. Yesterday night, I got another huge high. In the New York primaries, I had a personal come funzionano l azioni binarie sweep — victory in every single race of importance to me. This is probably because I hinarie my political views with the Working Families Party.

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Last night, the party come guadagnare how their solid electoral organizing and progressive aspirations translate into concrete wins. Their power grows with each election cycle. Eric is a lifelong progressive with the clout to clean up Albany.

Office Automation/it - Lazarus wiki

Once again, the WFP proved its unique power to primary out bad Democrats. The march towards competent, progressive NY State government continues!

Saujani was a media sensation because she ran on an unapologetic platform of defending the super-rich in her tony district. This was expected, but still satisfying.

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Like Espada, Monserrate was a regressive machine politician who has wrecked havoc in Albany. This belies the huge rift in Republican politics this year virtual trand binary moderate Republicans and Tea Party activists at war — and bodes poorly for their come funzionano l azioni binarie in November. Castle is the respected former governor aioni was a favorite to win the general election.

Karl Rove has a bad political hangover this morning.

Their political drugs were bunk last night. And that makes me very, very politically high. After 14 months, Lincoln has become mobile. Working Families Party Suit Deflates.

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My friends at the Working Families Party have been under withering attack recently. But Tuesday saw a reversal of fortune — the settling of a frivolous lawsuit that was distracting the WFP from its good work.

In truth, the suit was as much a compliment as anything.

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