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From the mundane senaz the William Manuel, Bradley New Zealand parliament recently passed a law granting employees 10 days of extra paid leave each year for victims of Barry, Construction Executive Gender diversity is an important topic in fai tredig senza deposito 2015 U.

Business Bracing for Disaster? Posted on August 14, at Building Alabama August 15, For example, the Baltic States have joined the European Union.

Are there any problems with energy supply or with something else? Why is it necessary?

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What does this mean for us in practical terms? It means that we will be forced to build additional generating capacities in some western regions in Russia. Deposito 2015 tredig senza fai electricity transmission lines went through the Baltic States to some Russian regions and vice versa, all of them will now be switched over to Europe, and we will have to build new transmission lines in our country to ensure electricity supply.

This will cost us about 2 2. It does not require that Ukraine becomes part of the European energy system, but it is considered possible. If this happens, we will have to spend not 2 2. Is it to integrate the whole former Soviet Union into a single space with Europe, I repeat for the third time, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, or to cut something off and establish a new border between modern Russia and the western territories including, say, Ukraine and Moldova? Let me tell you something opzioni binarie consob 2015 now, and you can decide for yourselves what to publish and what to leave out.

What are the roots of the Ukrainian crisis? Its cause seems to be completely disproportionate to what has investire soldi nelle scommesse an utter tragedy today claiming many lives in southeast Fai tredig senza deposito 2015.

What sparked the crisis? In fai tredig senza deposito 2015 connection or under this pretext riots broke out in Kiev.

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They were actively supported both by our European and American partners. The new authorities announced that they were going to sign the Association Agreement depsoito would delay its implementation until January 1, Why did they need to escalate the situation to a civil war? The result is exactly the same.

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But, of course, we wanted to participate in the final decisions, meaning that Ukraine was then and is still now, today, a member of the CIS free trade area, and we have mutual obligations as its members. How is it fai tredig senza deposito 2015 to completely ignore this, to treat it with utter disrespect?

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I simply cannot understand that. But Russian and Ukrainian economies are very deeply interconnected. The European Union fai tredig senza deposito 2015 removed its customs duties for Ukraine.

Because there is nothing to sell. There is no demand in the European market for Ukrainian products, either in terms of quality or price, in addition to the products that were already sold before. We have a market for Ukraine, but many ties have seposito severed vendita allo scoperto opzioni mibo by the Ukrainian side. For example, all engines for our combat helicopters came from Ukraine.

Now deliveries have stopped.

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It is impossible for Ukraine to divert its production in any way; it will need billions in investment to do this. I have asked many of my colleagues, including in Fai tredig senza deposito 2015 and America, about forex strategia gry. And what do they answer?

The situation got out of control. You know, I would like to tell fai tredig senza deposito 2015 and your readers one thing. Last year, on February 21, President Yanukovych and the Ukrainian opposition signed an agreement on how to tredig 2015 deposito fai senza, how to organise political life in the country, and on the need to hold early elections.

They should have worked to implement this agreement, especially since three European foreign ministers signed this agreement as guarantors of its implementation. If those colleagues were used for the sake of appearances and they were not in control of the situation on the ground, which was in fact in the hands of the US ambassador or a CIA resident, they should have said: The same could be said about our American partners.

But if America and Europe had said to those who had taken these unconstitutional actions: And the coverage of this process has been absolutely unacceptable. I would like to emphasise once more: In conclusion — forgive me for this protracted monologue — I would like to say that it is not that we feel deceived or treated unfairly.

This is not the point. The point is that relationships should be built on a long term basis not in the atmosphere of confrontation, but in the spirit of cooperation. You say the situation got out of control. But is it not the right moment for Russia to seize the initiative, to find a way to engage its American fai tredig senza deposito 2015 European partners in the search of solution to the situation, to show that it is ready to address this problem?

That is exactly what we are doing.

I think that today the document we agreed upon in Minsk, called Minsk II, is the best agreement and perhaps the only unequivocal solution to this problem. We would never have agreed upon it if we had not considered it to be right, just and feasible.

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On our part, we take every effort, and will continue to do so, in order to influence the authorities of the unrecognised self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

Deopsito not everything depends on us. Our European and US partners should exert influence on the current Kiev administration.

We do not have the power, as Europe and dfposito United States do, to convince Kiev to carry out everything that was agreed on in Minsk.

I can tell you what needs to be done; maybe I will anticipate your next question.

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The key aspect of fai tredig senza deposito 2015 political settlement was to create conditions for this joint work, but it was essential to stop the hostilities, to pull back heavy weaponry.

On the whole, this has been done. Unfortunately, there is still shooting occasionally and there are casualties, but there are deposiyo large scale hostilities, the sides have been separated.

It is time to begin implementing xenza Minsk Agreements. Specifically, there needs to be a constitutional reform to ensure the autonomous rights of the unrecognised republics. The Kiev authorities do not want to call it autonomy, they prefer different terms, such as decentralisation.

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Our European fai tredig senza deposito 2015, those very partners who wrote the corresponding clause in the Minsk Agreements, explained what should be understood as decentralisation. A law should be adopted on municipal elections in these territories and a law on amnesty.

And there is nothing we can do swnza it. Only our European and American partners can influence this situation.


There is no need to threaten us with sanctions. We have nothing to do with this, this is not our position. We seek to ensure the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

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It is essential to launch economic and social rehabilitation of these territories. What has happened there, exactly?

The current Kiev authorities have come fare soldi migliorendo cut them off from the rest of the country.

They discontinued all social payments — pensions, benefits; they cut off fai tredig senza deposito 2015 banking system, made regular energy supply impossible, and so on. So you see, there is a humanitarian disaster in those regions. And everybody is pretending that nothing is wrong. Our European colleagues have taken on certain obligations, in particular they promised to help restore the banking system in these territories.

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Finally, since we are talking trexig what deposito 2015 fai tredig senza or must be done, and by whom, I believe that fai tredig senza deposito 2015 European Union could surely provide greater financial assistance to Ukraine. These are the main points. Incidentally, the autopzionibinarie com opinioni of the self-proclaimed republics have publicly stated that under certain conditions — meaning the implementation of the Minsk Agreements — they are ready to consider themselves part of the Ukrainian state.

This is a fundamental issue. I think this position should be viewed as a sound precondition for the start of substantial negotiations. All our actions, including those with the use of force, were aimed not at tearing away this territory from Ukraine but at giving the people living there an opportunity to express their opinion on how they want to live their lives. I would like to stress this once again, as I have said many times before: I think that a conscientious observer could not but tedig that people voted almost unanimously for reunification with Russia.

I would like to ask those who do not want to recognise it: As far as I know, democracy is the rule of the people, or the rule based on the will of the people. So, the solution of the Crimean issue is based on the will of the people of the Crimea.

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In Donetsk and Lugansk people voted for independence, and the situation there is different. But the main thing, something we must always bear in mind, is that we should always respect the feelings and the choice of the people.

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But it is impossible to convince these people by means of weapons. These issues, issues of this kind can only be resolved by peaceful means.

Speaking of peace, the countries that used to be parties to the Warsaw Treaty and swnza are NATO countries, such as the Baltic states and Poland, feel threatened by Russia.

Tredig senza deposito 2015 fai has decided to create special forces to address these concerns. Russia does not speak with anyone in a contentious tone, and in such matters, to quote a political figure from the past, Otto von Bismarck, it is not discussions but the potential that counts.

Opzioni rpm does the actual potential show? US military spending is higher than that of all countries in eenza world taken together.

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The aggregate military spending of NATO countries is 10 times, note — 10 times deosito than that of the Russian Federation. Russia has virtually no bases abroad. We have the remnants of our armed forces since Soviet times in Tajikistan, on the border with Afghanistan, which is an fai tredig senza deposito 2015 where the terrorist opzioni binarie puntata minima is particularly high.

The same role is played by our airbase in Kyrgyzstan; it is also aimed at addressing the terrorist threat and was set up at the request tredig senza deposito 2015 fai the Kyrgyz authorities after a terrorist attack perpetrated by terrorists from Afghanistan on Kyrgyzstan.

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